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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Suicide Is not the Answer; Endure Your Agony, and Keep Fighting Your Troubles — That's the Price to Pay for Greatness

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

I am writing this article purposely to encourage all those who seem to have lost hope in life. They should never give suicide a chance!

Okay, something touching happened on July 12, 2017 in my life. I initially thought it was quite trivial, but I later realised how crucial it was.

My granddad, after reading my "Paradox of Motherhood" article the previous day, sat me down and advised me not to commit suicide regardless of the trials and tribulations I experience as a young boy brimming with ingenuity.

He was so compassionate about my many failed attempts to get funding for my book project and, more surprisingly, the strong opposition from my mom.

My 80-year-old grandfather sensed a possibility of his 20-year-old grandson committing suicide soon in my tortuous journey as a dropout and entrepreneur — he was right, of course.

Yes, for I only got to appreciate the severity of grandpa's concern just last night in a soulful conversation I had with my ex-girlfriend.

She contemplated and nearly committed suicide 2 weeks ago, simply because she frustratingly felt she had no reason to live anymore.

Well, it sounds funny, but she had a point though not justifiable. She has been agonised, for years, by her appalling experiences at home.

So as her ex-boyfriend whom she trusts, I tried to convince her to discard those suicidal thoughts. And I believe she would not disappoint me as she actually assured.

Our discussion was a phone call at night though, but I later sent her the following messages on WhatsApp:

"I love you ***** even as my ex.

I could tell my girlfriend this.

Cos there's nothing cheating about that.

You made an unusual difference in my life when we were dating.

And I still appreciate.

Don't commit suicide, for my sake. I beg you. Allan would always be there for you. And he needs you.

We'll make it. Let's endure our troubles. Be patient, please. Suffer now and enjoy later.

20 years to come, I'd present you to a large crowd as a powerful and rich woman.

Your future is brighter.

I support you fully."

Moreover, I urge young people who go through a lot of problems — in their burning ambition to become successful, especially — to be perseverant.

They ought to endure their agony, and keep fighting their troubles — that is the price to pay for greatness.

Why do you want to give up now by committing suicide?

Remember, your agony is transient, to tell the truth.

You have endless prospects, trust me.

You are an inspiration to others, without your knowledge.

Some people care about, believe in, and support you — you know it — so why do you seek to hurt their feelings?

Your emotions could be, and, are even deceiving you.

Most importantly, there is light at the end of the tunnel, or there is greatness at the end of your distressing path.

God bless your hustle!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Inspiration Galore: Kofi Kinaata's "Last Show" Inspires Us to Live a Good Life, because We'd all Die in the End

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

It is midnight (00: 42 — July 21, 2017), as I write this sentence.

At this time, I would be meditating, reading insightful articles, writing an article, or even enjoying Hip-hop music by great rappers.

Yet I am currently sitting on my bed, happily listening to "Last Show" by Kofi Kinaata, and typing this motivational article on my smartphone.

I initially did not find the song too awesome as many people literally did, so I decided to listen to it with my mind, heart and soul to ascertain the awesomeness in the track.

And, oh my God, the song is more than awesome — the lyrics are highly thought-provoking, the beat is simply nice, the chorus and rap are both profound!

I could easily understand how Kinaata, who has won the VGMA's "Songwriter of the Year" award for two consecutive years, sought to motivate people to live a good life since death is inevitable.

In fact, I would not be surprised if Kofi Kinaata emerges as "Songwriter of the Year" at the 2017/2018 VGMA's with his beautifully composed song, "Last Show."

Alright, Kinaata did not mince words to remind us that we would all die one day — and that should compel us to live well.

In a thriller or an action movie, the antagonist — or killer, as it is known in common parlance — gets killed in the climax (last show, as we call it) no matter how invincible he appeared earlier. The protagonist always triumphs over the antagonist in the end.

Likewise each one of us — rich or poor, sick or healthy, wise or foolish, literate or illiterate, strong or weak, immoral or upright, etc. — will definitely die irrespective of who we truly are in life.

Death would eventually defeat us all; it would surely truncate our human life.

Besides, I loved the part where Kofi Kinaata rapped, "Life. If you like eat well, get tight security... but still even if no one kills you, you'll die on your own." (That is a direct English translation of his lines in Fante).

Kofi Kinaata, therefore, advises us to live peaceably with one another.

He tells us to always do good to people.

Kinaata admonishes us to be content with the little we possess, and how we were created by God.

Moreover, he emphasises that one should never be jealous of others, because "all that glitters is not gold," as the cliché goes — for their lifestyles are sometimes fake and deceptive.

He even humorously sang that, "See, if man's stomach was transparent, you'd stop drawing conclusions, my brother/sister. I've eaten gari but claiming it's fried rice. Is that what you'd be thinking about?" (Another direct English translation of his lines in Fante).

Also, he thoughtfully encourages us to be patient in our everyday lives, stressing that some plants take a long time to bear fruits while other plants do not need much watering.

Yes, God bless Kofi Kinaata and his new sense of direction as a rapper turned High-life artist.

Remember, we would all be dead in about 80 years — that is a certainty; this means, we should strive to live a good life.

Stay blessed.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

This 30-Year-Old (and University Dropout) Real Estate Developer Who's Built a $1.2 Billion Empire in U.S. Could Soon Surpass Donald Trump — and He's Nate Paul

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

I bet you had probably not heard of Nate Paul until you read the title of this write-up.

Well, I visited Forbes's website last night, and I read a lengthy article about Nate Paul and his business.

His story really inspired me to press ahead with my entrepreneurial ambitions as a university dropout-cum-writing entrepreneur.

Two things struck me: he is 30 years old, and also a university dropout — regardless of he being a U.S. citizen.

But he has managed to build a real estate portfolio of over a billion dollars through his company, World Class Capital Group.

And I would like to shed light on his ever-increasing business success to motivate my readers, especially the entrepreneurial minds.

Remember, Forbes revealed, "Based on his holdings inside and outside the company, Forbes estimates that Paul’s net worth is $800 million. If commercial real estate prices stay strong, he could be a billionaire soon."

Alright, Nate Paul is the Founder, President and CEO of World Class Capital Group.

"World Class Capital Group is a leading private investment firm with a primary focus on global real estate. We invest in real estate equity, debt, securities, and platforms," according to the company's website.

Wikipedia states that, "World Class currently owns more than 120 properties totaling over 10 million square feet across 16 states nationwide."

Nate Paul, who is the son of Indian immigrants, dropped out of the University of Texas about a decade ago to establish a real estate company in Texas in 2007.

He did not quit college, because dropping out of university could automatically make him wildly successful in the United States like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg etc.

He was monumentally passionate about real estate while he was in college — and he had to quit in order to be completely committed to his real estate career.

His article on Forbes showed that, "But Paul was restless and had already started channeling his energy toward real estate. He would spend hours studying foreclosed properties, building data sets that included appraised values and loan balances..."

So Paul started off as a real estate entrepreneur in Texas in his early 20's.

It was difficult for him — even in a country like U.S. — since he had to perfectly prove his business capabilities without any work experience and academic qualifications.

That is a cardinal challenge I face now here in Ghana as a 20-year-old writing entrepreneur who dropped out of UCC to start Sircle Communications.

However, some people did believe in Nate Paul and did business with him, mainly because he possessed a great deal of business ingenuity as an ambitious genius. Yes, they cared less about his inexperience and lack of degree.

The Forbes exposition of his career had the following therein:

"Joseph Liemandt, founder and CEO of Austin’s Trilogy Software, adds, 'His general business acumen is unbelievable, and he is always talking about the long term'.

Liemandt, a close friend of Paul’s who, at 27, appeared on a 1996 Forbes cover highlighting the wave of young tech entrepreneurs, says, 'He is dramatically more mature than I ever was — nobody thought he was 23 when he was 23."

Besides, if those folks who understood and supported Nate were Ghanaians, they would make a fuss of a university degree and work experience.

In fact, I believe Nate Paul could surpass U.S. President, Donald Trump, who is arguably the world's most prominent real estate developer.

Nate would possibly exceed Mr. Trump in net worth and entrepreneurial prominence in the next 2 decades — this is my sincere prediction!

Of course what he has achieved in 10 years as a real estate entrepreneur is a testament to his prospects, which look unimaginable.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Look at My 3 Biggest Concerns (not Fears) in Life — "Ending up in Hell, Failing to Achieve My Vision in Life before I Die, and Getting Divorced in Future"

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

I have no fears; I only have concerns. They are two different things, to me.

My 3 biggest concerns in life are: ending up in Hell, failing to achieve my vision in life before I die, and getting divorced in future.

No other issues bother me more than those three.

Oh, yes, I have been unable to sell copies of my motivational book — "Control Your Own Destiny" — after 1 year of constant bragging (my critics believe)!

Sometimes, I sincerely feel there is a possibility that my book would never get sold in the short-term. From my candid observations, I perceive that my naysayers are already thinking the failure of my book project is imminent.

However, I do not fear failing in my book project; I am rather slightly concerned about its possible failure.

Alright, I am not afraid of going to Hell, not achieving my vision in life before I die, and getting divorced in future — they are all concerns, and not fears.

***Concern 1: Ending up in Hell***

Firstly, I am extremely concerned about dying and ending up in Hell, simply because I did not live holy as a believer on Earth.

I believe, not only in Heaven like most people, but also in Hell. And, I dare say, only a fool does not believe in the existence of Hell.

It is believed that about 100 billion people have died in human history — and you could easily tell the percentage now in Hell!

Well, my daily life displeases Christ, I know. Frankly speaking, I do not the Will of God the Father. I live sinfully every day, to tell the truth.

In fact, I am born again, I have been to church many times, read two-thirds of the Bible, prayed in tongues, preached the Gospel before, and done other religious stuff.

But if I die today, I would go to Hell because I do not live righteously as the righteousness of God in Christ. I cannot deceive myself and you by lying about this stark reality!

Going to Heaven as a so-called Christian is never about religiosity, or rights and privileges believers enjoy by Grace through faith; it is entirely about holy living in Christ.

No wonder the Bible says in Hebrews 12:14 (NIV), "Make every effort to live in peace with everyone, and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord."

Interestingly, it seems quite simple — though not easy — to live a holy life as a Christian. The formula is found in the Scriptures, but I find it difficult to follow.

***Concern 2: Failing to Achieve My Vision in Life before I Die***

Note that I never said "failing in life." For I have failed a couple of times in my 21 years of life. They were minor and major failures, or small and great failures.

I failed in my first business — an online advertising business, actually — in 2015. Hey, I even want to fail more as I advance in business and entrepreneurship!

Moreover, I am overly concerned about failing to achieve my vision, not within the 3 decades I have targeted, but before I pass on.

What if I die tomorrow, next month, the following year, or in the next 10 years? Would I have achieved my vision in life, which is "to emerge as a rare titan in the world of writing"?

"...I am convinced in heart and soul that I was born to write, and to profitably change the world with it," I wrote in my book 'Control Your Own Destiny'.

That is what my purpose in life, which helped me create my vision in life, is simply all about.

I always pray that I would have completely accomplished that unthinkable vision on my deathbed at any age — be it 60, 70, 80 years.

***Concern 3: Getting Divorced in Future***

I know folks would be surprised to see this — that at age 20, I am so concerned about getting divorced in future.

Besides, only my family relatives could understand why it is obviously my third biggest concern in life.

And if you are truly discerning, you should understand why (I made the preceding statement) already.

I hate divorce with passion although it looks normal to a lot of people. You know why? Divorce is a spirit of failure, defeat, abortion, collapse, wreck, and loss!

Tracy Letts said, "Divorce is an embarrassing public admission of defeat."

Sia F. Dean stated that, "Divorce is a failed challenge, which leads to a broken life. It is a socially transmittable disease that can transfer from one generation to another, and it is spreading fast."

That is why I am greatly preparing for marriage even as a young boy now. I am also trying to learn the skills of a husband — a good one, of course.

I have been reading some insightful books on marriage, where I learned crucial things about a successful marriage.

Ha-ha, I occasionally ask my mom about the challenges and secrets of marriage, and she usually says I am too young to ask and know now.

God bless my sweet mother though, who frequently prays about the future marriages of her children, that they would last until death and in bliss.

Also, I have planned to start discussing matters of marriage frequently with my girlfriend even if she feels we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Lastly, my wife and I would have to work extra hard and wisely to make our marriage divorce-free no matter the problems we shall face, in order to glorify God.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Medikal and Kofi Kinaata Believe "Time No Dey," but Sir Article Believes otherwise — "Time Dey; No Rushing"

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

Medikal and Kofi Kinaata have songs titled "Time No Dey." I love both songs; they were beautifully composed to inspire well-meaning Ghanaian youths.

I even remember playing Medikal's "Time No Dey" all day and all night, quite recently — and my younger sister Audrey could attest to this fact.

Well, those songs are premised on chasing our dreams in haste, because we do not have much time in our ambitious lives.

Really? To me, there is little truth in that slightly unrealistic philosophy.

Donald Trump once wrote, "Just remember that you need to be patient and persevering and to know that there can be delays and detours along the way. I've waited twenty years to see some things happen, but it was worth the wait and I had to change course a few times until the pieces fell into place."

Mr. Trump's quote and, most importantly, his life as an entrepreneur and politician clearly prove that "Time Dey; No Rushing."

He ventured into real estate in the 1970's but became a certified billionaire in the 1990's. He also aspired to be U.S. President in the 1990's but got elected as P.O.T.U.S. last year.

Interestingly, I used to believe that "Time No Dey," and now I believe "Time Dey; No Rushing."

I will tell you why. Okay, I naively thought that I needed to make haste in following my dreams since my time is very limited.

For instance, I desperately wanted to sell copies of my motivational book "Control Your Own," simply because it has still not been rolled out for 1 frustrating year.

The delays are gradually becoming unbearable to me; I sincerely think this book should have been sold by now.

And no sentence would suffice in describing the desperation in the depths of my soul.

I understood why my granddad recently cautioned me against suicide. He realised how excruciating my experiences have been ever since I quit school to author a book.

Besides, I have a delicate decision to make.

Firstly, I could give up on my failing book project if I felt "Time No Dey" — and my time has now elapsed.

Secondly, I could be patient with my failing book project if I feel "Time Dey; No Rushing" — and I ought to re-strategise and act more patiently.

But, hey, I have chosen the latter option!

Moreover, the vast majority of young people dream of becoming successful within the shortest possible time — my cousin Swug Jay and I are good examples.

I emphasise "within the shortest possible time" since we do not subscribe to the illusory thinking of overnight success.

Frankly speaking, I cannot and will never try to achieve the fullness of success within the shortest possible time like 8 years, all because "Time No Dey."

I could only emerge as a millionaire in 8 years — that is a mere goal — but my vision in life would take me many years of trials and tribulations to accomplish. Note the difference!

Alright, in my sensational interview with Nana Ama on Radio Silver 92.3 here in Sekondi-Takoradi, I made the following statements:

"Sircle Communications, our vision statement says, 'Our vision is to establish a writing empire in the world'. Anything writing; writing softwares, writing awards, newspapers, magazines, and anything writing-based."

"But we needed to start small, that's why we've published my first book to push the brand. A time will come when Sircle Communications would be more like Forbes in the business of writing."

"That's our corporate vision, and we believe we're going to achieve our vision within a 30-year-period."

Therefore, I do not rush in my burning desire to become a wildy successful entrepreneur, for I have got 3 decades to pursue this priceless vision to the full.

So my eyes are fixed on the bigger picture, and not the transient troubles I face today. Yes, I have decided to enjoy (not endure) my persistent struggles no matter how long it will take.

It is so simple: there is a price to pay for success, which deserves all patience not haste.

Forget what Medikal and Kofi Kinaata preached; learn from this profound message — "Time Dey; No Rushing."

I'm in Love with My Fan — and here's a Brief Account of My Crush on Her

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

Wow, I have a romantic confession to make!

I thank God, that my girlfriend is currently not on social media. If she were, she would feel very bad upon seeing this article.

Yet she would find out one day, and I am prepared to suffer the possibly serious consequences of my upsetting action.

But, hey, I am deeply in love with my sweetheart, regardless. And she knows she is still the queen of my heart.

However, this brief account is meant to inform my readers about a sweet-cum-confusing situation I presently find myself in.

I have been trying to hide it for some days, but I am now compelled to open up.

Coincidentally, I listened to Sarkodie's track "In Love with a Fan" yesterday. His heartfelt song actually impressed me and also inspired me to share my secret story with my readers, too.

Alright, I think I am in love — not with my babe, but another girl.

The interesting thing is: she is my fan, and just a fan.

She loves Sir Article, but as a rare genius; I love her too, but as a true fan of mine.

We are now friends though, and I have fallen in love with her.

Well, I occasionally have a crush on my female fans, but I hardly make any amorous move. Of course I have a good reputation to maintain.

Some of my male friends — Baby Nii, for example — have accused me of taking advantage of girls who really admire me for what I do. They (and him, especially) feel I am fond of sexually preying on such girls.

Funnily enough, this article could affirm their erroneous impression.

Now let me get down to the nitty-gritty of my account.

My fan's name is Lois. We got to know each other 5 days ago.

She sent me messages on Whatsapp, telling how me how she secretly adores and support me as a writer and an entrepreneur.

She got my number on Facebook, she later stated. That was where she had been silently enjoying my articles, and even sharing them with other people, for a long time — all without my knowledge.

What intrigued me was her first texts: "Hi, Sir Article. I'm Lois, your fan and secret admirer."

It made me feel so precious, knowing I have someone who cherishes me even from afar. In fact, that was the genesis of my affection for her.

And she told me how she likes my personality and supports everything I do.

Lois is a 19 year old student of the University of Ghana (UG), Legon, and an aspiring journalist who lives in Achimota.

She even claimed to be single, which I doubted since she is too beautiful to be.

We later agreed to talk on phone. And I realised that she speaks with a lot of brilliance; she is simply articulate.

I remember our first conversation on phone when she made these striking statements, "Article, I'm a sapiosexual oo. I'm attracted to you due to your intelligence and mindset. I was surprised to know you're 20 and a dropout. You've got powerful brains, trust me."

Then I happily responded, "Miss Sapiosexual will be your new name. I'll call you that. Well, I sometimes feel I'm a sapiosexual. So we have something unique in common. And thanks for your compliments."

She laughed and said, "Hahaha eeii. Miss Sapiosexual paa. You're so funny. Yooo, I hear."

Moreover, I was glad to know that she consistently shares my articles with other people, and even argues with critics on my behalf.

We had a chat on Whatsapp 3 days ago and she told me, "I love guys who think differently, like you. That's why I defend you all the time during arguments in my groups where I share your articles."

I was quite surprised to read those words of hers. Besides, how many girls think and act like her? Very few!

Also, some of her additional texts include: "I don't really subscribe to dropping out of university, but I support what you did. You know... You don't seem clueless at all. You have rare ambitions, and you're too smart in your ways."

And I succinctly replied, "Thanks, sweety. So can you actually date me being a university dropout?"

Her reply shocked me, "Yeah, sure. 'University dropout' is just a tag. The real you is a genius. You're the special kind of guy I could date."

Moreover, what heightened my attraction towards Lois is her desire to work with me in growing and developing my writing firm, Sircle Communications.

For example, she sent me GHC100 on Saturday afternoon, because she was so sad to hear I have not had any radio interview for 4 months owing to acute financial constraints.

Interestingly, she revealed that she listened to my interview live on Radio Univers's "Soul Serenade" show on U.G., Legon campus in mid-October last year. Yes, she admired my sense of reasoning in that interview.

That was when and how she first heard of me, and started following my works on Facebook.

Remember, I relish the thought of visiting Lois at home in Accra — possibly, this week — and having lots of fun with her. Fun means eating, drinking, chatting, taking pictures and recording videos, stroll etc.

Good Heavens, she promised to introduce me to her rich parents, and convince them to invest in my career!

Lois (I know you are reading this), I am in love with you. I know you are, too.

Unfortunately, we cannot be in a relationship — I am dating! Therefore, we can only be real best friends.

Okay, I will officially introduce you to my girlfriend to avoid a needless dispute. Watch out for the conference call!

Lastly, I am certain that Lois would not criticise me for making all those revelations; I know she would just laugh over it and congratulate me.

She would be proud and happy when reading this lovely write-up.

Thank you, Lois, wherever you are now.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Article 408: "The Easier Your Journey Is, the Smaller Your Prospects Are"

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

My cynics accuse me of constant self-aggrandisement in my articles.

They spitefully remark, "Sir Article is so proud; he always talks about himself in his articles such as dropping out of university, for example."

I tolerate their views — which seem repulsive to me — yet I sincerely think they are too simplistic.

The real reason why and how I do what I do as a motivational writer is: I enjoy sharing my first-hand experiences of the issues I dissect in order to sound entirely pragmatic, and less conjectural.

That is a notable hallmark of a creative writer!

Okay, I have a lot to share regarding the title of this write-up — Article 408: "The Easier Your Journey Is, the Smaller Your Prospects Are"

We all have individual journeys towards success. They could be similar in some cases, but they are definitely not the same.

For instance, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg all dropped out of Harvard University to focus on their software-based companies.

Their journeys look alike, however, the major difference is: Gates' Microsoft is largely into system software, and Zuckerberg's Facebook is largely into social media. Also, Bill quit Harvard in 1975 while Mark quit Harvard in 2005.

Although they emerged as billionaires in a decade after dropping out of university to pursue full-time careers in computer technology, their respective journeys were not easy.

Yes, my journey to the boundless world success has never been easy, too — it is full of excruciating experiences.

At age 20 as a university dropout, I have experienced unusual troubles most of my age mates will never go through in their lifetime.

I have been really, really, really discouraged, rejected, disappointed and vilified possibly more than any 20 year old in our country!

Damn it, do you know the number of times — and how, especially — people fucked me up, simply because I dropped out of university to start a business here in Ghana? Dude, damsel, I am in deep shit!

Hey, "My mom is my biggest discouragement" should be enough proof!

I wish I could give a detailed list of my predicaments to buttress my assertions. They are found in my lost work, "Being a University Dropout in Ghana for One Year: Sir Article's Story"

Ha-ha, I remember saying to myself this morning: "I have been disappointed by people countlessly that my expectations of favour, support or help from other people are now pessimistic."

Well, I realised that my journey would have been less agonising if I were still a university student.

So a chunk of the problems I have encountered as a start-up entrepreneur stem from my apparently ridiculous decision — quitting school. That is an extremely rare experience.

But I am not really bitter; I am actually joyful, because those hurdles in my journey towards success simply prove that my prospects are endless.

Moreover, the unimaginable success story of Katy Perry is a great epitome of Article 408.

She is one of the most successful pop stars in the world, but her journey towards global stardom was not easy at all.

According a Katy Perry article on justbereal.co.uk:

"Katy Perry’s first album — Katy Hudson — sold around 200 copies on the label Red Hill Records. Months later, the label went bankrupt.

For five years straight she had to sell her clothes to pay rent and borrow money while living in LA.

She was dropped by the record labels Columbia Records and Def Jam Music Group.

She was humiliated multiple times early in her career, experienced setbacks for many years in her career.

And that’s just a sample of what she was dealing with for the first 7 years of her music career."

Lastly, success does not come so easily; it is the end result of surviving hardships, sufferings and struggles in your journey towards success.

Nemesis Loso (the Future of GH Hip-hop) Is My Favourite Underground Rapper — and He's out with His Debut Album "Growing up in Africa"

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

Today is Nemesis Loso's 21st birthday. Happy birthday to him!

In fact, Nemesis Loso is my favourite underground rapper. He is, to me, the future of GH Hip-hop.

The good news is: he is out with his debut album titled, "Growing up in Africa."

Nemesis Loso, born Franklin Cobbinah, is a very promising 21-year-old Hip-hop artist based here in Sekondi-Takoradi.

There are thousands of budding rappers in our country. They possess one common goal — stardom.

Some of them are really good at rap music; most of them are mediocre wannabes, overly thirsty for money and fame.

But I admire Loso, my classmate in St. John's School, because he is not only a good rapper — his musical ambitions are simply out of this world.

The tracks of Nemesis Loso are superb, for they are filled with nuggets of wisdom, tons of inspiration, and real brilliance.

Sadly, some folks would feel cynical of his rap abilities owing to the fact that his style of rap is similar to that of U.S. rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Big Sean, Jay-Z, among others.

The challenge he faces — just like M.anifest — is all about being undermined by music-loving Ghanaians who are mostly not receptive to the American method of Hip-hop.

Remember, he chose to do strictly and pure Hip-hop, simply because that is the genre of music he could do best.

Also, I believe he focuses more on conscious Hip-hop, which depicts the struggles of ordinary people.

When I asked him, "What's your vision as a rapper?"

He gave me a simple yet profound response, "To sell hope; to make people believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it."

We live in an unjust system where (hustling) talented rappers are crazy about affluence.

However, Loso's musically oriented dreams transcend riches — they are synchronised with his purpose in life as a gifted rapper.

Well, I got the chance to listen to songs on his Extended Play Record (EP) dubbed, "Crooked Path, Straight Mind" such as 'Light in Darkness,' 'Early Morning Hustle,' 'Visions' and 'Major Moves.'

Kindly listen to them here: https://t.co/BUU3pets86

I love a line in 'Visions' where he rapped, "I'm the only ghetto boy who never smoked weed."

Moreover, "Growing up in Africa" pinpoints the struggles we (the youths) face in our part of the world when we are chasing our dreams — jealousy, discouragement and indifference are key examples.

It also sheds light on religious segregation, racism and ethnocentrism.

Some of the tracks on the album include "No Segregation," "Africa's Greatest," "Agye Nyame," "Blackman," which were all fantastically produced by Chrisbeatz.

The much-heralded album will be rolled out few weeks to come. And it would be available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud etc.

I, therefore, encourage young people — the entrepreneurial minds, especially — to keenly listen to Nemesis Loso songs for motivation galore.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Paradox of Motherhood: How My Mom Is My Biggest Discouragement, and yet Prays for Me as a Devoted Mother

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

This article does not seek to disgrace my dear mom — never! Although she disliked the idea when I told her about this seemingly judgemental piece.

Well, do you remember when I publicly pledged, in a Mother's Day article, to buy my mother a Range Rover and a mansion after I have become wildly successful?

I also once wrote that one hidden reason why I want to emerge successful in life is to make my mom overwhelmingly proud (of me).

However, this write-up is only aimed at explaining a paradox of motherhood — how my mother has become the greatest vessel of discouragement and the chief spiritual support in equal measure in my overly ambitious life.

Alright, I live under the same roof with my mom, a religious woman, who constantly discourages me, her maverick son.

The reason is so simple: I disobeyed her by dropping out of university in order to control my own destiny.

She still feels I am pursuing a ridiculous ambition, and she believes my way of thinking is just idiotic. In essence my mom opposes my outlandish orientation as a budding entrepreneur.

Here is an example. Whenever I asked my mother for a paltry GHC50 to travel to Accra for radio interviews, she would make the following scornful statements.

"You are mad; do not ask me for money!"

"You said you wanted to drop out of university and to control your own destiny, and now you are struggling to get money."

"I will not give you any money, because you wanted to be a dropout, controlling your own destiny."

"Poor you — you are so broke and desperate for a meagre amount of money."

"Do your own thing, and let us see."

In fact, her words of discouragement on a frequent basis sometimes dampen my spirit.

Yet I do not allow them to impede my inalienable passion, or even hinder my mind-blowing aspirations.

Again, my smartphone got spoilt for over 2 months, and my laptop had a serious fault too. So I found it extremely difficult to publish articles online.

I decided to use my mom's smartphone, but she usually declined — giving excuses like, "I cannot give you my phone for you to publish your silly articles."

Nonetheless, she sometimes gave me her smartphone when she was actually in a good mood, or when my little sister pleaded on my behalf.

But I understand her concerns though they are, to me, clueless and apparently malevolent. Of course mothers, in their own wisdom, want the best for their children.

Moreover, the humble beginnings of Katy Perry, one of America's biggest female artists, could be likened to my hustling story today.

Her parents, who are Pentecostal pastors in the U.S., disapproved of and opposed her secular music when she turned into an unconventional pop artist.

Her mom especially, Mary Christen, once said, "We strongly disagree with how she's been conducting herself," emphasising that "and she knows how disappointed we are."

They could not fathom out why Katy Perry who started as a gospel singer in her childhood would later sing about mundane issues such as kissing a girl.

Today, "Her (Katy Perry's) estimated net worth as of 2016 is $125 million. She is one of the best-selling musical artists of all time, having sold 100 million records globally throughout her career," according to Wikipedia.

Now let me talk about the positive aspect of my mom's attitude towards my unorthodox lifestyle.

My mom, a very prayerful mother, regularly prays for me — and her 4 other kids though — simply because I am her son. Wow, what a contrast!

She intercedes for me, so that I would live long, prosper and have a successful marriage.

I tell you, mom really, really loves me regardless of the fact that I am a recalcitrant son.

No wonder I could boldly tell my sceptical and cynical friends that, "No one or nothing can stop me from becoming successful in life, because I have got my mom's fervent prayers."

Therefore, God bless my sweet mother — as I pray for her to be receptive to my eccentric way of life as a highly promising yet eccentric genius.

Why I Dropped out of Church even before I Dropped out of University?

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

The title of this article is merely witty — I only wanted to sound more like the typical Ghanaian blogger.

It is actually premised on why many people always go to church, and yet deliberately keep sinning.

Okay, we (my cousin, friends and I) recently had a fierce debate about Christian living. My cousin bemoaned the fact that I do not go to church; I admonished him for living an ungodly life as a regular churchgoer.

Our argument compelled me to re-write this article — for I had written it in early May this year, but later cancelled it.

Well, everybody knows I am a university dropout — in fact, a very proud one. Few or virtually no one knows I am also a "church dropout" (if I may use that phrase).

Surprisingly, I dropped out of church even before I dropped out of university in 2016. And I will explain why I did that.

I believe this write-up, though seemingly absurd, is apparently the bluntest, weirdest and most controversial piece I have written to date — and, yes, you have probably read so far.

Ha-ha, to call Sir Article nuts is an understatement.

Shallow minds will definitely crucify me, and thus make overly simplistic arguments. Only discerning minds could sense the iota of wisdom in my freakish message.

But, you see, I think I am spiritually inspired through this article to expound on the worst excesses (or ungodliness) in Christianity today.

Alright, one key reason why I dropped out of university is: I hate the school system. Likewise I dropped out of church, mainly because I hate the church system.

Note that I did not intend to rebel against Christ, my God and my Saviour; I actually sought to rebel against the acutely perverted nature of Christendom now.

I quit university forever to defy its backward-looking system — and not true education. Also, I temporarily (not permanently) quit church attendance — which breaches Hebrews 10:25 though — to defy the hypocrisy, folly, blasphemy and evil that abound in the church today.

I remember a heated conversation — on the day (a Sunday) I first wrote this article — I had with my mom regarding why I do not attend church meetings. My mom, a deaconess of the Church of Pentecost, is to Pentecostalism as the Pope is to Catholicism.

She, in a worried tone, said, "So, Kweku, can't you go to church today?"

My response shocked her — it was really, really unusual and profound. I carefully made the following statements.

I could wear my dress and go to church now, but I cannot... I would go to church and come back, still living in sin every day. My conscience would constantly prick me, because I would be a hypocrite, fool and blasphemer.

Well, the sermons preached at church could not compel me to repent of my everyday sins and live holy — for they lack the painful truths about contemporary Christianity.

I wish that soon I would go to church to the purpose; I do not want to go to church to no purpose.

My prayer, therefore, has always been for God's Spirit to gradually help me accomplish my aim —  to go to church and consistently live right as a result.

If I die today or the rapture takes place now, as I speak with you mom, I would end up in Hell no matter the number of times I went to church.

Why? My daily life is absolutely immoral although I am the righteousness of God and a new creation in Christ. Most believers are simply guilty of that, too.

I told my mom.

Besides, 1 Thessalonians 4:7 says, "For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life."

Yet so-called Christian youths are fornicating and committing all kinds of sexually related sins with impunity. I am not excluded.

The people of Christ, in Ghana and the world over, commit recurring sins such as lies, fornication, adultery, envy, hatred, drunkenness, idolatry, stealing, and many others.

But they go to church almost every Sunday morning, as crowd-pleasers, since churchgoing has become a fashion. That is foolishness!

Paul Washer — who is, to me, the world's greatest preacher — once sadly and unapologetically stated that in about 100 years, the vast majority of the congregation he was preaching to at that moment would be in Hell after death, because...? You know it! Read Matthew 7:21-23.

So if you frequently go to church, and still live sinfully on a daily basis, you have a defiled conscience. And if you claim to be a Christian but you greatly love worldly stuff, you are a pure phoney.

Here is my irrefutable proof: "No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God's seed remains in them; they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God" (1 John 3:9).

Lastly, let us repent of our ungodly ways; repentance is not a mere prayer, it is permanently changing from living immorally to living righteously — after praying for God's forgiveness and guidance.


Tuesday, July 04, 2017

The Dilemma of the Start-up Entrepreneur: Making Money or Making a Difference

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

I just love the title of this article. I will tell you how I came up with it.

Okay, I had a lengthy conversation with a male friend in my community — it was basically about why I dropped out of UCC to start my writing firm. My friend was sceptical of my outlandish decision though.

Well, he advised me to sign up for a Ghanaian e-commerce website, where I could freely advertise my writing services. It was, in fact, an amazing recommendation.

He thought it would help me make some money as a writer in a simply convenient way. He was right!

I later asked myself, "Should I now focus on making money in that manner, or should I still focus on making a difference like I always do?"

That is my dilemma as a start-up entrepreneur! And every start-up entrepreneur could relate, or shares in that dilemma too.

Entrepreneurship is not all about making money, yet it is inseparable from making money.

As a 20-year-old start-up entrepreneur, I have a choice to make: largely making money from my business (that looks expedient), or largely making a difference (this is so crucial).

Of course a start-up entrepreneur can try to balance between making money and making a difference.

Interestingly, he or she would actually realise that one option would need much more, greater, or a lot of focus.

You would focus more on making money as a start-up entrepreneur, and focus less on making a difference. Or you would focus more on making a difference as a start-up entrepreneur, and focus less on making money.

Besides, people wonder why I do not seem interested in writing for people to earn income, or make use of Google AdSense on my blog — considering the fact that I am really broke.

They think I am rather obsessed with merely writing articles for my readers, which is not an income-generating method.

Sircle Communications, my start-up writing firm, provides general writing services such as copywriting and ghostwriting, for example.

It means that we charge individuals or organisations to write texts for the purpose of promotion, advertising or marketing. That is copywriting!

Also, we write texts (like articles, speeches etc.) for other people, which would be officially credited to them not us — and we charge for that, too. That is ghostwriting!

But, you see, the business model of Sirclecomm, as a start-up writing firm, now does not lay an emphasis on revenue generation.

Yes, there is one exception: we will soon sell copies of my motivational book, "Control Your Own Destiny," to gain revenues for Sircle Communications. Because it would boost our finances as a business.

However, our current business model rather places a premium on making a rare difference and, most importantly, building a peerless brand. We do that through the writings we churn out.

So my choice, as a start-up entrepreneur, for Sirclecomm is largely "making a difference" even in the face of our financial crisis.

It is important to note that we believe in creating an incredibly rare value for our writing firm rather than making money outright just to survive in business.

This unconventional strategy will enable us become an extremely profitable business in the medium to long term while we struggle financially in the short term.

Why? Folks would be emotionally attached to our brand; they would see our products and services as a necessity — that is when they would always pay for our offers so easily. Above all, we would get many plush contracts.

I did not reveal any uncommon secret; several multi-billion dollar companies once deployed that strategy. It is an issue of risks and sacrifices!

For instance, WhatsApp was created by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009 as an instant messaging service for smartphones.

Their aim was to make internet-based communication better, more convenient, and simpler. It was a far more better alternative to SMS!

Unlike most social media platforms, WhatsApp decided to exclude ads on their mobile messaging application. So how could they make money without the placement of ads?

Although they charged $1 subscription fee, they simply sought to revolutionise the world of messaging service by making their service a necessity in human life.

Sure, they made a far-fetched difference in the world without directly making multibillions of dollars as start-up company.

No wonder Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014 — and the founders emerged as billionaires!

Moreover, some — no, most — start-up entrepreneurs prioritise making money over making a difference. It could — and it even does — work well for them and their businesses since it appears to be easy, comfortable and enjoyable.

As a start-up entrepreneur, you could be making money with your business without paying attention to making a difference.

But, remember, you would keep making money, yet at a decreasing rate and in a limited form. And, I must add that, you and your brand would be shown in a bad light.

Therefore, start-up entrepreneurs in every nook and cranny should make a choice that suits their respective business philosophies — and they feel is more rational.

Monday, July 03, 2017

An Open Letter to Skuula; My 13-Year-Old Self, the Naivest Boy

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

Yo, Skuula!

I have been reminiscing about the good old days as a teenager. The height of my nostalgia compelled me to write an open letter (of repentance) to you, my 13-year-old self and the naivest boy.

I was 13 years old, and popularly known as Skuula — my nickname, actually — in the year 2009. Remember, "Sir Article" is my pen name or pseudonym, because I am now a professional writer.

Skuula, my 13-year-old self, was monumentally naive and, I dare say, recalcitrant and rascal in equal measure. My schoolmates in West Ridge JHS, Sekondi at that time would attest to this revelation.

I was the naivest boy I knew; meaning, at age 13, I demonstrated a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement of epic proportions.

Alright, it all started in Essikado here in Sekondi-Takoradi, where you grew up as a very stubborn teenager.

Without sounding discriminatory, I could say: Detroit in the U.S. is to crime as Essikado is to notoriety.

Although you, Skuula, were born and bred in Tema for a decade — where you lived in bliss — your relocation to Essikado marked a negative turning point in your teenage life.

Sadly, the gangsta life in Essikado influenced your mentality, and it perfectly inculted youthful bravado in you as a little boy. That practically made me you a highly aggressive boy.

You could argue passionately and angrily about trivial matters, which usually resulted in quarrels, confrontations and even fights.

Oh I cannot conceal the fact that my 13-year-old self grew into a skillful footballer when he lived in Essikado — for his addiction to football would surpass his addiction to social media today.

Besides, immorality was and still is rife in that small town, thus it corrupted your innocent soul. In fact, you were proudly profane in speech and in actions to the dismay of your decorous mates at school.

In JHS, you were increasingly notorious. Stubbornness was your chief hallmark, to tell the truth.

I vividly remember the countless times you sneaked out of class in JHS just to go and pluck ripe mangoes with your gang members, Kadio and Bright. Funnily enough, most students knew us as "the Mango Boys."

For instance, you took money for Saturday classes, but you never attended some. You and your stubborn friends rather went to pluck mangoes and later swam in the Skyy Beach. Meanwhile, your colleagues were busily learning in class.

Those adventures got you and the others into trouble almost all the time, but you guys were undeterred. Dangerous situations that nearly hurt you guys did not even scare you off.

And, yes, I would realise few years later that adventure has always been my lifeblood.

But I must admit that, then, you greatly enjoyed plucking mangoes far more than studying in the classroom. That was how profoundly naive my 13-year-old self really was!

Nothing and nobody could stop you — you, even as a 13-year-old boy, were as obstinate as Robert Mugabe.

So, your JHS 2 First Term Report Card (dated December 17, 2009) showed that, "Attitude: very stubborn in school" whereas it was, "Attitude: Obedient, humble, hard-working etc." for most students.

In that same report card, you had 5F's, 3D's, and 1C — and your class attendance was 50/62!

Surprisingly, the Class Teacher's Remark was, "Very bad performance and might not go to JHS 3."

Again, you were so disrespectful towards teachers and the elderly that they consistently scorned you.

You always broke school rules and regulations with impunity. For example, you deliberately wore no belts and socks to school though you got canned and sacked from class for that, several times.

Mr. Agyare, your Science teacher; and, Miss Charlotte, your English teacher, could confirm how blindingly naive you were as a 13-year-old student.

Fortunately, you turned over a new leaf — through Providence, I believe — at age 14, your year of real transformation.

You gave your life to Christ at age 14, and you discovered your talent of writing at age 14.

Skuula, at age 13, was the naivest boy. Today, Sir Article, at age 20, is a writing entrepreneur. Folks hail him as a gem, a champion, an intellectual, and a genius.

I wish I could write a whole book to elucidate on my life as a 13 year old, the naivest boy. This letter, therefore, has been a summary of my general reminiscences.

Lastly, you taught me one good thing — that I should break the rules and set new ones, defy the odds, dare to be different, and change the status quo.

Thank you, Skuula.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

A Letter to Zylofon Media — "Tread Cautiously as a Plush Start-up with an Inorganic Growth"

(Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications)

The first time I heard about Zylofon Media, signing Becca which was publicised as a highly juicy contract, I thought it was an international company — possibly, a South African-based one.

I recently realised that it is actually a Ghanaian company owned and headed by a young millionaire (I guess), Nana Appiah Mensah.

Zylofon Media — with their tagline as, "creative arts made in Ghana" — is an arts and entertainment company that specialises in mass media productions, talent management and grooming, marketing and promotions, event management.

The perfect word to describe Zylofon Media would always be "plush," because they are richly luxurious and expensive. It stands out a mile!

As a plush start-up, they have signed musicians and film stars such as Kumi Guitar, Becca, Joyce Blessing, Obibini, Bibi Bright, James Gardener, Benedicta Gafah, Toosweet Annan, Zynnell Zuh etc.

But, in fact, Stonebwoy signed a management deal with Zylofon Media and not an outright signing like the others.

Kumi Guitar, for example, was given $100,000 plus a brand new Hyundai Sonata with accommodation, apparently an apartment. Other signees got very valuable benefits as well.

Besides, Zylofon Media is willing and able to invest heavily — a few millions of dollars, I think — in our arts and entertainment sector, even as a start-up.

They seek to develop and telecast content, or purchase exclusive rights of other content, in the areas of drama series, comedy shows, reality TV shows, sitcoms, events, talk shows, movies and documentaries, and the like.

And, frankly speaking, I am so impressed with the business model of Zylofon Media notwithstanding how complex and comprehensive it looks. I also like the commercial strategy of Zylofon Media.

Well, I run a start-up writing firm, Sircle Communications, which is struggling to make progress economically due to acute financial constraints. Sirclecomm is flat broke — and its founding CEO is financially handicapped.

Interestingly, we have a mind-blowing corporate development plan, which will definitely materialise as time goes by. Thus we subscribe to organic growth as a start-up.

However, Zylofon Media seems to be aimed at inorganic growth — that could be risky though. It is not surprising since they are a plush start-up.

They focus on growth rate by expanding sales, increasing output and business activities through partnerships, mergers, acquisitions etc. And, of course, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Yes, they have the cash, lots of it, to spend on creative arts.

Their expenditure are increasingly high, and that is linked with the hope of growing their assets, income and market share in the medium to long term.

They will keep spending a lot of money, strategically though, to register their presence as a force to be reckoned with in the Ghanaian entertainment fraternity.

Zylofon Media would always capitalise on their massive financial capacity to build their corporate brand regardless of the money they are rapidly losing.

But, you see, I am a broke start-up entrepreneur who believes in the prospects of Zylofon Media.

Therefore, I would advise the owner and CEO of Zylofon Media to tread cautiously, running a plush start-up with an inorganic growth.

They could learn from Sircle Communications: that is, growing and developing fundamentally on values, and not largely on money — whether the business is rich or broke.

Most importantly, Zylofon Media should never underrate its competitors and other struggling start-ups. They could even support or collaborate with them where necessary.

In 1998, Yahoo! — which was a multi-billion dollar company — refused to buy Google PageRank — which was a start-up founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin — for a mere $1 million.

Unfortunately, Yahoo! later pursued an inorganic growth strategy through some bad M&A's, which eventually led to its economic failure. Yet Google grew and developed steadily, and it is now a most successful company in the world.

Today, Alphabet (Google's parent company) is now worth approximately $500 billion. Meanwhile, Verizon recently decided to acquire Yahoo! for about $5 billion.

Lastly, I wish Zylofon Media well in the arts and entertainment business!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications

This topic is a very delicate one owing to the medical allusion I made therein.

Yes, I can say with all confidence that, "Mistrust in your relationship is like cancer in your body — it is a silent killer." And I will prove why and how.

Well, I was talking to a male friend 6 hours ago about his relationship I so much admired. My friend passionately loved his girlfriend, I realised. His love for her seemed, to me, as fantastical.

And, oops, he literally mistrusts his girlfriend — and that compelled the girl to recently break up with him.

I even bemoaned his mistrust of his girlfriend. Frankly, too, I had foreseen the failure of their relationship several days ago. So I warned him to desist from mistrusting her; he simply underestimated my advice.

Hey, boy, I promised to quickly write an article about this — and I just did!

Alright, mistrust is a dreadful disease, especially in a relationship, just as cancer really is.

Cancer, I read, is a deadly disease that is caused when cells in the body grow abnormally and uncontrollably.

Pancreatic cancer is usually referred to as a silent killer. It is the cause of Steve Jobs' death in 2011.

Jobs was diagnosed in 2003, and it silently killed him in less than a decade even after surgeries and sophisticated treatments.

We all saw how frail his body appeared few years after his diagnosis of a rare form of pancreatic cancer — it proved that it was silently killing the late Apple billionaire.

Besides, other types of cancer including lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, among others are all silent killers.

Moreover, if you are in a relationship of real mistrust, you should accept the stark reality that your relationship's collapse is imminent.

For me, I fear mistrust in my relationship far more than cheating.

Trust — a complete one, of course — could actually prevent a partner from cheating; mere love could hardly do that.

Need I tell you that one could trust his or her lover to extremes that the lover would never think of cheating on him or her? Only a fool would cheat in this case — the wise would not!

Besides, I do not really expect my girlfriend to love me; I actually expect her to trust me. My girlfriend ought to love me less and trust me more.

I will do anything for her to trust me, genuinely and absolutely, though I may not act trustworthily at times.

Love is common in relationships; trust is scarce in relationships. It is a fact of life!

That is why I am striving to build my relationship largely on trust, not love — which is an unusual and a most difficult thing to do.

Also, I remember how I "lied" about my schooling when proposing to my girlfriend. I initially told her I was (still) a UCC student since I did not want to embarrass her not me.

I later informed her that I had dropped out of UCC to establish Sircle Communications, my start-up writing firm. I truthfully explained why and how it all happened, and my sorry state of affairs now.

Surprisingly, she simply understood me without admonishing me for apparently lying to her previously.

Why? She knew she had to repose her trust in me — and support my ambition — because I had been transparent, honest and fair.

In fact, the day my girlfriend would begin to justifiably (yes, justifiably) mistrust me would surely be the day our relationship technically failed.

However, trust cannot be built and
maintained through promises; a good character does that.

Antics kills trust in a relationship.
Cynicism kills trust in a relationship, too. Lies kill trust in a relationship. Cheating cannot be ruled out. Avoid them all!

Therefore, if you want your partner to trust you well, you must always do the right thing.

What if you err as human, which is normal though? Oh you should apologise and seek to rectify your error — and let your repentance be a lifestyle.

Remember, "trust is like an eraser; it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake," as they say.

Monday, June 26, 2017


A mini-novel written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications

NB: This story is the intellectual property of Sir Article for Sircle Communications. Unauthorised usage of this novel in a commercial way or otherwise without the prior permission of the author, Sir Article, is unlawful.

(See bottom for some guidelines).

Sir Article, a genius, is widely known as a writer and an entrepreneur (or a writing entrepreneur, as he describes his occupation). He manages a start-up writing firm, Sircle Communications, where he serves as the Founder and CEO. Yes, he is also a university dropout — in fact, a very proud one. This boy — a 20 year old — has published a rare motivational book titled "Control Your Own Destiny."

Well, Sir Article passionately dreamt of becoming a trotro mate, or a bus conductor. He then sought guidance from his friend and a neighbour, Fifii, being a part-time trotro mate and a Takoradi Technical Institute (TTI) student.

Article later told his mom, Flossy, and little sister, Audrey, about his weird intention to become a trotro mate. His mom called him crazy, mad and foolish, emphasising how absurd his plan was — yet Article was simply adamant.

Article said, "Mom, I'm planning to become a trotro mate, because I love hustling as a genius."

Flossy fiercely replied, "You're a fool! Don't do it! It's very bad!"

Article again said, "Mom, your criticisms can't discourage me. I want to become a trotro mate in order to experience the harsh realities of life — and not just because I badly need money."

His mom also rebuffed, "Then that's a wrong way to gain such experience. You'll bring disgrace to our family. People would think and say you dropped out of university and ended up as a trotro mate."

Article stated, "Mom, you won't understand. I don't give a hoot about what people would think and say. I don't seek to please people, but rather my ambitious soul. The experience would be part of my success story one day. Unfortunately, the decision has already been taken."

Interestingly, Sir Article, as a motivational writer, had relished the idea of inspiring passengers in a bus as a trotro mate and, more importantly, defying the odds. He also wanted to capitalise on that opportunity to refute the erroneous public perception of trotro mates here in Ghana.

Still, his mom and elder sister, Amanda, rubbished his thoughts, but their cynicism, admonishment and discouragment were to no avail. Article literally adopted an uncompromising posture, and he had an unflinching courage.

Moreover, Fifii had explained the nitty-gritty of the trotro business, especially in Sekondi-Takoradi. He (Fifii) coached Article in the trade; he elucidated on the fares, wage, station rules, alighting details, and the like.

Fifii said to Article, "I'll talk to the trotro driver I work with on part-time basis to accept you as his trotro mate in my absence. So that you can begin your work when you're ready."

"Alright, thank you," Article replied.

The next day, Fifii informed Sir Article that the trotro driver had agreed, and he expected Article to commence work the next day. Wow! Sir Article immediately felt a cocktail of anxiety and joy in the depths of his soul!

So on the following day — Wednesday, actually — Sir Article woke up at 4:15AM and prepared to go, together with Fifii, to the Sekondi Trotro Station in Takoradi.

Article wore khaki shorts with a blue and white striped shirt, and a black cap. He went along with a new smartphone he had bought, and GHC7.50, because Fifii had advised him to carry a small amount of money for food during the day while working.

They finally got to the station at 5:00AM and met the trotro driver, Master Atsu, who would be Article's master or boss.

They greeted in unison, "Master Atsu, please, good morning."

"Morning," Master Atsu responded, adding, "Fifii. Is this Article, the Pariscoa boy, you were talking about?"

"Yes, he is," Fifii replied.

"Okay, Article, I hope he (Fifii) explained our business in detail to you? And I believe you're now competent to do this work," Master Atsu said.

Sir Article, smiling, replied, "Yes, sir, he did. I'm capable of doing this work effectively."

Master Atsu then retorted, "I hate cheating, lies and laziness. Be a truthful and hard-working mate. I wish you well too."

"Trust me, master, I'm a gentleman of integrity and dedication," Sir Article calmly responded.

"But, Article, why did you decide to become a trotro mate? Was it an issue of money. Tell me, why?" Master Atsu asked.

Sir Article, an extremely confident boy, stated, "Of course there are financial challenges at home, but that situation didn't compel me to become a trotro mate. I'm not here for the wage — the GHC20 per day, or so. I'm here to make a difference as a trotro mate; I want to touch lives — the lives of passengers and colleague mates. Above all, I can't wait to enjoy the struggles every trotro mate goes through every day. Sir, I'm a hustler as a writer and an entrepreneur, and I love experiencing trials and tribulations in a variety of ways — one of them, I thought, was to be a trotro mate."

"Hey, you're so intelligent! I'm short of words. But I think you'll be a huge blessing to us all," Master Atsu, in shock, asserted.

"Thank you," Article politely said.

Article as well as Fifii then moved to assemble the other trotro mates who came to work that dawn. Sir Article largely repeated the statements he made to Master Atsu, to his new colleagues.

He ended by saying, "That's Sir Article for you. A genius turned trotro mate."

They all cheered. Some shouted, "You don't deserve to be like us." Others said, "This guy is a genius, indeed."

One boy, Ato, also said, "Sir Article, I've made you my role model. We'll talk later." Ato was actually a talented rapper, yet he was broke.

Master Atsu called Sir Article and Fifii. He told Fifii to join a different bus as a mate, and Fifii did.

Then Master Atsu told Article, "Let's start work. It's our turn to load. That's our bus — the blue one."

It was around 6:00AM, and the bus was quickly boarded by passengers who werely mainly students and workers.

Article entered the bus and shouted, "Away bus, Master Atsu." Master Atsu laughed.

Remember, the bus set off to Sekondi from the station in Takoradi.

By the time the bus reached the Paa Grant Roundabout, all the passengers had paid their fares, which was GHC2 per passenger.

Sir Article now cleared his throat, and with smiles on his face, gently said, "Can I please have your attention? I hope you're all doing well. Okay. I'd like to talk to you all about something very, very important."

However, the passengers ignored Article's plea.

One passenger, a student of St. John's School (Sir Article's alma mater), wittingly asked, "Why...? Are you about to preach to us or what?"

Sir Article, beaming with excitement, then asked the passengers in the bus, "Would you all believe me if I told you that I'm a UCC student? And would you believe me, too, if I told you that I actually dropped out of university to start my own business?"

Almost all the passengers stared at Article in utter amazement.

One elderly man said, "That's a risky decision."

A male adult who wore a suit and tie, said, "See this childish 'kuborlor' who claims to be an entrepreneur."

One beautiful girl, and actually a student of Fijai SHS, remarked, "I think I'm impressed, mate."

One guy, apparently looking angry, quizzed him, "Mate. Tell us more about why you stopped university to become a trotro mate?"

"Alright," Article said. "I was once an undergraduate student of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), where I read Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) in Accounting. But I dropped out after Level 100 in 2016 to establish my writing firm, Sircle Communications. I've published a motivational book, "Control Your Own Destiny." I am, in fact, now a trotro mate with the aim of inspiring you all — particularly the students — to control your own destiny. I also want to prove you all wrong that trotro mates are not aimless as most people have ridiculously thought. Never judge a book by its cover, as they say."

Sir Article then took some selfies with the passengers in the bus. For he knew he would need them to prove the veracity of his next article about his "trotro mate experience."

The "Fijai girl" now exclaimed, "Oh, I love this guy!" "What's your name, please? I want to be your friend," she added.

"I love you more for loving me. Everyone calls me Sir Article. What about you?" Article stated.

"I'm Mildred. Can I have your contact?" She said, while she pulled out a book and pen from her school bag for him to write down his phone number.

The well-dressed man, gazing at Article in shame, softly said, "I'm sorry, boy. I thought you were a clown — but you're actually a genius. You've made my day, boss. I'll help you, okay. I have to take your contact; here's my phone, save your number as 'Trotro Mate'."

All the passengers were jabbering — some expressed their doubts, others expressed their impressions.

One passenger, an old woman, said, "Mate... Hospital. I'll alight at hospital (Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital, she meant)."

When the bus reached the roundabout near the hospital, Article told the driver, "Master... Hospital, bus stop."

Soon the bus alighted, and the old woman slowly got down. She then placed her right hand on Article's left shoulder and uttered the following words: "Gentleman, God bless you. May He make you successful in life."

"Amen, grandma," Article happily responded.

The "Fijai girl" got down at Fijai Junction or Frebe Mall, few minutes later. Before she left, she whispered to Sir Article, "I'll call you tonight. Have a nice day, nice boy with nice ideas."

"Okay, thank you, I hear you," Article replied.

The bus took off again and Sir Article continued to lecture, expounding on business success. He shared his unusual struggles as a start-up entrepreneur and university dropout, and, of course, his mind-blowing aspirations.

At a point, Sir Article asserted, "I've had 7 radio interviews to date. I had one on ATL FM in UCC, one on Radio Univers in UG, Legon, one on Skyy Power FM, among others. The most prestigious interview I had was with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM in Accra — it was fun, impressive and powerful."

"This guy is a star," the St. John's School student stated.

"I'm an Old Saint, you know," Article told the boy.

"Our school would be proud of you, Old Saint," the "John's boy" replied.

Three passengers got down at Kweikuma junction, Adiembra junction, and St. John's School junction.

Interestingly, Sir Article told the remaining passengers about his vision as a writing entrepreneur.

He stated emphatically that, "Today, I'm a trotro mate; tomorrow, I'd be a billionaire. I want to be — no, I'll surely be — a millionaire by age 30. Sircle Communications, my business, would one day be known as the world's number one writing company."

"Eeiish, dream big!" a little boy declared.

The bus alighted at Bakaekyir junction for two passengers to get down; and Article screamed, "Sekondi! Are you going? Sekondi! Sekondi! Madam, hurry up! Boss, are you coming?"

Article's friend, SHS mate, a colleague still in UCC, called Raymond, saw Article and approached him (Article), saying, "What are you doing? A trotro mate? Why? So you dropped out of university to become a trotro mate. How funny! Life has been increasingly tough for you after you quit school, I can see. We told you, but you didn't listen. Now see your life — how miserable you've become. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. People must hear this."

"Thank you, Ray. My passengers would have to respond to your ignorant utterances. Bye," Sir Article stated and entered the bus.

A middle-aged lady, in response to Article's ambitious statements, now remarked, "I've never met a powerful boy like you before. You possess the spirit of a world champion. You're very special. You'll make it, bro."

The bus set off again, and some passengers got down on the way. It finally alighted at Sekondi Komfo Ase, where the remaining two passengers got down.

Besides, the bus loaded again and set off to Takoradi. Sir Article repeated his lecture in the bus throughout the day until he closed from work in the evening.

The majority of passengers really admired his personality, and a few scorned him — "c'est la vie."

Sir Article had fun in an inspirational way; he was glad to have touched lives that day as an ordinary trotro mate.

Master Atsu gave Article GHC30 as his wage. Master Atsu told Article to return to work the following day, because he greatly enjoyed working with this genius.

But, actually, Article had already decided to become a trotro mate for one day just to make a rare impact — and he did, perfectly.

He told Master Atsu, "I can't continue to be working as a trotro mate. My goal has been successfully achieved today. Thank God. I have to focus on my writing firm. I appreciate everything you've done for me, master. God richly bless you."

Surprisingly, Master Atsu — with tears dropping from his eyes — hugged Sir Article and said, "Alright. I understand. Go in peace. We shall meet again. I'll call you. Try to call me too."

Sir Article later boarded a taxi and went home at Pariscoa in Sekondi.

When he got home, he called his girlfriend, Cindy, and briefly shared his experiences as a trotro mate that day. She was, you could guess, really shocked. She also felt proud of him though.

Later that night, Article wrote a highly sensational article, sharing the lessons he had learnt as a trotro mate that day.

Gosh, it ended up as a national topic the next day — since it trended on all social media platforms. Many people read it and overwhelmingly reacted to it on social media.

In essence Sir Article, the freakish genius, had made a far-reaching and an uncommon impact, not only in a trotro bus, but in Ghana as a whole.

Source: sirarticle.blogspot.com

This story is available for filmmaking. Any movie producer, production company, or even investor who wants to produce a feature film based on this story should kindly contact the author, Sir Article, on +233279312895.

The following are non-negotiable or entrenched conditions:

(1) The author shall be entitled to 10% of the budgeted expenditure of the movie, and 5% of the net profit of the movie.

(2) The author shall be the main character in the film as portrayed in the story.

(3) The setting of the film, or filming location, shall be in Sekondi-Takoradi.

(4) All cast of the movie shall be residents of Sekondi-Takoradi and its environs who were auditioned and selected in the city.

(5) The film shall be mainly in Fante (a translation of the story's English dialogues) mixed with English where necessary.

Thank you, for reading. Please, share with others.

Friday, June 16, 2017


Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications

I am that broke entrepreneur — and just 20 years old — whose first-hand experience has taught him that money is not everything, yet money matters.

I would be deceiving myself and, you too, if I told you "money isn't everything" without "but money matters." So the title of this write-up is absolutely realistic and simply accurate.

I have realised why money is not everything, and why money matters though, by running my writing firm with virtually no money. It seems absurd, but that is the stark reality I live with, as a broke entrepreneur.

In my soon-to-be sold book, 'Control Your Own Destiny,' I defiantly wrote that, "You do not need capital to start a business. All you need is passion." Sure, I started Sircle Communications without any capital — passion was the capital!

However, I only meant that one needs passion, first, even before or without capital to start a business. Yes, a start-up built on capital without passion can easily fail; a start-up built on passion without capital will hardly fail.

The truth is: operating without money, in business or life in general, is extremely difficult. No wonder the Bible says "money answers all things."

My business thrives not on money now; it thrives on values — that is why it shows signs of resilience. Hence we have a weak corporate infrastructure, yet we have a strong corporate spirit.

Sadly, Sirclecomm is still struggling to pay for the bulk printing of my motivational book for sale in order to gain revenue — this proves "money matters."

Surprisingly, Sirclecomm has already marketed the book by leaps and bounds in the face of financial constraints — this proves "money is not everything."

But, you see, my business and I are merely concerned about how cash-poor we are; and, we are never afraid of failing eventually. Because, economically, the Sircle brand is really valuable.

Rather, we are focused on — as flat broke as we are — working harder, living our purpose, touching lives, defying the odds, learning from the struggles, and having fun. They are the pathway to business success!

Richmamasecrets.com also published, "Money is just a tool with which to build a life. Making money your purpose for living is dangerous. Find a purpose in your life that fulfills you and gives your life meaning."

Moreover, if Sircle Communications had a $100,000 dollar seed funding, we would strategically fund our corporate development plan. That priceless plan of action explains our goal of becoming the world's number one writing company.

Besides, Sircle Communications actually needs money, a lot of it, to turn our vision statement — "to establish a writing empire in the world" — into full reality. Money, therefore, is, I must confess, a great factor!

Also, I love what Sir Richard Branson, my role model, recently wrote; he stated, "In fact, if you get into business solely to make money, you won't. If you try to make a real difference, you will find true success."

Okay, let me tell you how broke I have always been — without trying to sound pitiful. I usually beg my friends to give me little money to travel to Accra to conduct business.

So if I earlier informed you that "money isn't everything, but money matters," you just understood why.

Lastly, "Don't think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money," Voltaire declared.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications

I am probably the best person to write about inferiority complex — and, hey, I do not have any inferiority complex. I rather have superiority complex.

Most people brand me as literally arrogant. My critics erroneously think arrogance is my greatest hallmark because...? Oh I am fond of a forceful kind of superiority in everything I do and say, even as a 20-year-old boy!

Well, the title of this delicate article may have left you surprised.

Did I really declare that inferiority complex thwarts lives more than witchcraft in Africa? Yes, I did!

It would seem unrealistic to many Africans, because witchcraft is usually perceived as an impediment to personal success in life.

I am not a pastor, and I am not a psychotherapist; I am simply a motivational writer. Yet I feel competent to dissect this critical-cum-technical issue.

But, wait a minute, I believe in the existence of witchcraft — I do not believe in its authority.

Witchcraft is real, it is dominant in our African society. It has — through the demonic works of its human agents — even destroyed souls, altered destinies, inflicted pain, caused misery etc. in sub-Saharan Africa.

Besides, witchcraft continues to wreak havoc on many African folks. You know why? Africa and its people have tolerated, honoured and, I must admit, feared witchcraft for thousands of years.

However, I strongly believe that inferiority complex has done more harm to Africans than witchcraft ever did.

Wikipedia states that, "An inferiority complex is a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty about oneself, and feelings of not measuring up to standards."

Inferiority complex stems from debilitating factors such as mediocrity, bullying, diseases, poverty, inaction, guilt, comparison, weaknesses, envy, and several others.

You can suffer from inferiority complex if you are simply poor in life. You can suffer from inferiority complex if you envy someone's success.

You can suffer from inferiority complex if you needlessly compare yourself to others. You can suffer from inferiority complex if you are constantly bullied by a bully.

You can suffer from inferiority complex if you have a disability like blindness. You can suffer from inferiority complex if you have some chronic weaknesses.

Also, you can suffer from inferiority complex if you are really mediocre.

Moreover, the unfortunate story of an elegant yet "less educated" girl I know compelled me to write this piece.

She is a 22-year-old girl, and a novice at dressmaking, who lives in a suburb of Sekondi-Takoradi.

This beautiful and affable girl never attended Senior High School (SHS) — she is just a Junior High School (JHS) graduate. That makes her feel incredibly inferior to her agemates who had a secondary education.

Responsible university guys and graduates propose to her, but she always declines. Her ridiculous reason is: she does not deserve such guys, and university girls are superior to her.

That girl's case is only one out of the seemingly countless cases of inferiority complex among the youths in Africa.

I tell you, inferiority complex — as a complex phenomenon — is killing dreams more than the human dreamkillers do.

So how can young people with inferiority complex overcome it and feel superior?

Alright, they must learn to see inferiority complex as an enemy of progress. They ought to accept, appreciate and admire who they truly are.

Of course they definitely need to believe, not merely in themselves, but in their genuises.

Everybody has a genius, I say; and Einstein said "everybody is a genius."

Discover and utilise it, because it has the power to make you accomplished, fulfilled and content in life.

Prioritise your genius above mediocrity, bullying, diseases, inaction, comparison, poverty, insecurity, weaknesses, envy, guilt etc. — and you are heading towards greatness, prosperity and success.

Above all, you must (not should) seek to gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding of enormous proportions.

Why? Nothing or nobody could undermine the man or woman with an overwhelming intellect — he or she would always appear peerless. I am a good example!

I, therefore, leave the medical and spiritual treatment of inferiority complex to psychotherapists and pastors.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Written by Sir Article, Founder and CEO of Sircle Communications

First off, let me reveal that I am not a fan of DKB — and I am not a hater. I am compelled to write objectively about DKB's career since I feel we have something special in common.

Well, I watched DKB's full interview with Delay on YouTube this afternoon. I was, in fact, impressed with his defensive posture towards cynicism. I also think he is a brilliant guy. And, yes, that interview changed my perception of DKB, to tell the truth.

DKB, just like Sir Article, is very good at what he does, but his style is quite unorthodox. That is the challenge he faces, which many comedy-loving Ghanaians are unfamiliar with.

Sir Article, a 20-year-old Ghanaian writer, is fond of self-aggrandisement. DKB, a popular Ghanaian comedian, is fond of vulgarity. No wonder some folks think Sir Article is not really a writer, and DKB is not really a comedian. Ha-ha, our individual styles are unusual.

But is DKB really funny? Honestly speaking, I believe he is actually funny — maybe not extremely funny. I watched a couple of his stand-up comedy performances, and he simply did well. He made me laugh, and not smile!

His jokes are trendy, simple and appealing although they sometimes contain elements of obscenity. He makes a large chunk of his audiences — the fair-minded ones, of course — laugh.

I previously held a very simplistic notion that DKB is not that humorous. I sincerely think it stemed from sheer indifference towards his craft — a lot of his critics are guilty of this painful truth.

The guy might not be literally super talented, yet he works hard to perfect his skill of comedy. He is tenacious, and he seeks to uplift the fallen image of Ghanaian comedy regardless of the phletora of criticisms he usually gets.

DKB greatly understands the art of comedy — most of his critics, haters and detractors simply do not. They sometimes attack his personality out of technical ignorance of the art.

I realised that through personal experiences. Most of my so-called literate readers who do not regard me as a true writer are ignorant of the technicalities, philosophy and business of writing. That, to me, is disgusting.

But, hey, do the accusers of DKB think it is easy to consciously and systematically crack jokes for a mixed audience just to laugh throughout your performance? We all know it seems simple, but it is never easy.

Stand-up comedy takes courage, charisma, smartness, intelligence, uniqueness; it requires a difficult kind of public speaking. Oh, I dare say, it goes beyond merely having a sense of humour!

Moreover, the PHD (Pull Him Down) in Ghana is too much. Why do people like to pull DKB down when he is about to rise to international stardom?

KSM, one of Ghana's greatest comedians, declared DKB as Ghana's King of Comedy — and many people thought it was highly unacceptable.

Let us encourage, and constructively criticise, DKB to go global with Ghanaian comedy. He can do it, if only the people rally their support for him, because this guy really means business as a Ghanaian comedian.

I am a professional (writer), and DKB is also a professional (comedian), so I know how it feels to be victimised by many just because we are too different.

How would you feel if hundreds of thousands of people constantly undermined your potential and opposed your brand? Very worried, right?

Lastly, I believe in DKB — I support him too. He should just be himself, stay original, and keep growing and developing in excellence.

I could even modify the title of this article, by renaming it, " 'DKD Is Funny!' " — Yes, I Said It. Stop the PHD; Encourage Him"